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  It all began in an animal hospital in a Boston suburb in 1952 when a young veterinarian, Dr. Kanin, was experiencing a heavy infestation of flies on his doors and windows from an adjacent dairy farm. He experimented with various insecticides and finally formulated a mixture that when applied to his screens, windows and ceilings eliminated the problem.

Soon neighbors were lining up with buckets for the “miracle insecticide.” Word spread and the demand was so great that Dr. Kanin, affectionately known as “Doc”, had to make it available for everyone. This product became known as Shoo-fly Screen & Surface and that was the start of Lynwood Laboratories.

Doc also had a problem with hornets that nested under the eaves of his two-story house. He could try using the same liquid solution in his Shoo-Fly Screen & Surface but how would it reach the nests? Always up to a challenge, he tried his kids’ water pistols and filled it with the liquid. That gave him a long-distance stream but he still had to figure out how to put the material into an aerosol. At that time, aerosols available at hardware stores could only spray a distance of 4-5 feet - certainly not a comfortable distance between the hornets and Doc.
So after working with an aerosol company for about 6 months, Doc developed a long-distance stream that could shoot up to 12 feet and it was called Shoo-Fly Hornet & Wasp Bomb. Today it shoots a unique powerful jet stream up to 20 feet and is the top-selling hornet bomb in the Northeast.

Doc was not the only creative genius at Lynwood Laboratories. His wife, Doris, designed the artwork for the entire product line as well as developed successful promotional strategies that impacted the company’s growth.

In fact, it was Doris who came up with the novel idea of putting starch in an aerosol spray bottle despite the opinion of numerous business experts that thought women would never use it. Shortly thereafter, Lynwood came out with Shoo-fly Spray & Starch – the first aerosol of its’ kind in the U.S.

Over the years we’ve added many new products to our line including SPORT Mosquito & Tick Stop, Blast, Hari Kari, Ant, Roach & Spider and others. See the link in the left column for information about our complete product line.

Today, the Lynwood Labs family is especially excited about Shoo-Fly SHOO-MOLD, our first all-natural organic spray that stops mold, mildew and musty odors without chemicals.

So whether your problem is with hornets, carpenter bees, mosquitoes, no-seeums, yellow jackets, ticks, roaches, or even scorpions, Lynwood Laboratories has the best solution for you. And now for mold and mildew too!

Although Lynwood Laboratories is a small family-owned business, with Doc still in charge, it has always excelled in creating innovative products that offer the consumer extraordinary results.

  Lynwood Laboratories, Inc.,
945 Great Plain Ave.,
Needham, MA 02492  

(603) 433-4775
FAX: (781) 444-2454

EMAIL: eriklynwoodlabs@aol.com
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  Shoo-Mold is available at Aubuchon Hardware, ACE Hardware, True Value Hardware, Do It Best, Blue Seal, Paris Farmers Union and independent hardware, lumber and garden centers.

Please call  or email us if you can't find an outlet in your area.
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